Before I continue

I may be too early to write this. But this feeling is amazing. I have got so much love. I got wonderful feedback and advises. Some commented on the post, some personally messaged me, saying how they were able to connect with my feeling and were hopeful that someday they will start writing as well. They said they were proud of me. Such a blessing. I even got my first share of the blog (Thank you Ruby D). This is a huge thing for me, huge. Those small gestures have such positive energy. And this is the same thing I had mentioned in my first blog – writing connects people.

I hope I don’t offend writers, but I feel like a writer. I feel I can write about anything. I was having this conversation with my mother, and at the backside of my mind, I felt I can write about this conversation as well (HaHa 😀 ). I know I am going overboard.

There is this one side of me who is saying to myself “Amul, Shut up! It is just one of those energies. Like those after-break up energy, when you feel you can conquer the world. It is fluke energy; it will go down in the coming days”. But the other side of me is saying “You Shut Up! So what. Enjoy this feeling, because this feeling may never come”

And before this feeling subsides, I need to write this. Thank you so much who read and gave their valuable words for my first blog. It really meant the world to me.

So, before I continue, Thank you <3




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