Going with the flow?

Sometimes, we tend to say that, “I am going with the flow !” or  “I will see where life will take me !“.Sometimes we take this as excuse for our choices.

I have always believed that life is all about the choices we had made, we are making and what we tend to. The good things that has happened to you and is going to happen is because of you. The mistakes you had made and you are going to make is because of choices you make.

Deep down we know that the actuality is “I will see where I am taking myself !“.

And sometimes, it does scare me where I am taking myself to.

I don’t know if it makes sense or not, but confusion and determination at the same time makes you more confused.

I have been taking things really really slow. No five-year plan, hell not even a 1 month plan. Because – “Going with a flow“.

And honestly, not always but sometimes, it is scary. Oldest among the siblings (three sisters), 25 years old, no stability in career and stuff I guess 20s people go through.

Yes, I love what I am doing right now. No one had pressured me to do things I am currently involved in and neither do I regret it. I am doing because I want to and I love it.

But there are these weak moments, especially right before the sleep, where you actually have sometime for yourself, where everything settles down and there is silence. You start thinking. You start questioning yourself  – are you taking your stand, are you convinced? Are you being too nice? Are being too respectful? And sometimes you don’t have an answer.

The only thing you say or can say to yourself is “Go with the flow bro!“. And yet, the funny or the sad thing is, deep down you still not convinced.

word.001Image: Leo Rivas-Micoud on Unsplash


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