A girl with CV.

A girl, in early 20s, with CV in her hand, comes in the hotel, asking if there is vacancy. It was around 1 pm.

We ask her to come in office, tell her to have some water and relax for a bit. She looked a bit tired. And why wouldn’t she? It was a pretty hot day.

We ask her the usual stuff, about her prior experience, her goals and why this industry?

We ask her about her family and where she is originally from. She tells her about her family, staying in a rented room and originally hailing from this far district.

She was confident, was clear and was able to explain her “why” for this industry.

After she left, I had this “Maya laagyo” feeling. And this is not in a bad way or pity kind of feeling at all.  “Maya laagyo” in a sense, it is so difficult out there.

I tell my team member, “Dai, gaaro cha hai!”, I explain him that we have not seen that life or been there, carrying CV in hand , walking and searching for jobs in such hot weather, supporting family in such young age. With limited income and Kathmandu expenses. So much sacrifices.

There are so many such examples that regularly happen.

This made me feel humbler perhaps, more grateful of what I have and more importantly inspired to do better.

And yes, we did hire her 🙂

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