What one good sales pitch did I do today?

What one good sales pitch did I do today?

I was reading this book “Personal MBA”, (at around midnight, because that is when we start to think I guess) and it just occurred to me, “When was the last time I intentionally made a sales pitch to a new party?”, and it was 4-5 days ago.

With the position I am involved in the company, there are lots of things to work on – from marketing, branding, strategic planning, operations, interviews, revenue, cash flow, credit follow-up, understanding the investors’ perspectives and management’s perspectives and trying to balance between the both and all those heavy MBA jargon words.

From the time I have been professionally working, one thing I consistently need to do is to mentally come out of the operation space and do what actually matters in the end – SALES!

I am not talking about in between sales or 1 month or 2-month sales plan.

No matter how good your marketing plans are or no matter how good you are managing the operations, these all hard works will not get their due from you or your seniors, if there are no good sales. Sometimes I and my team get very demotivated when there are no expected sales & we get to hear from the investors and in turn, burns us out even more.

Sales bring in the cash flow; to do whatever you want to do to build the company.

Sometimes I happen to think a lot, to strategize a lot and most of the time it does not work out the way I wanted or sometimes I get so engrossed in the operations I miss out on the sales part. This could be due to a delegation problem or you just get tired or maybe, I have never been a salesperson.

What I have decided is to make at least one good sales pitch every day. (Expecting the same from team members who also looks after sales). At least one. No matter what the operation issues are going on (of course one needs to delegate the issue).

I know it sounds very naïve and simple. But I have seen a lot of experienced and senior people not being able to do so. They get so engrossed in the day-to-day operations, they tend to miss out.

One question I need to answer every day is – What one good sales pitch did I do today?

A girl selling tea in Basantapur ! ( source – https://bit.ly/2QSnh96 )


“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.” – James Clear ( https://bit.ly/2KONG3Z )



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