We need distractions as well.

As much as we should appreciate people sharing news and making us aware about the virus.

We need distractions as well. It is difficult to stay positive amidst all these chaos and uncertainty.  Staying distracted would be a better thing to do?

And sharing those distractions. Sharing ideas, new things you learned during this pause time, why you loved that movie, or the new online course you took or the book you read or how it felt talking to your sister or connecting with your loved ones after such long time. ( Personally, I feel like we as family are communicating more)

I really appreciate people going ‘live’ sharing their ideas and knowlege. So sincere request to all the musicians, philosophers, teachers, managers, entrepreneurs, artists to share their ideas.

It is really difficult to express this uneasy uncertainty feeling. The feeling of identity crisis because you are not working. It is funny how much we associate ourselves with our work. The questioning  feeling of realizing that after all this is over, we will be again rushing into things to cover up “all those work/business losses”.

I hope everything gets normal as soon as possible. Because I want to have some beers with my friends and just be nostalgic, talk good things in life, the college days, the drunk stories and not about the uncertain future.

Stay safe. Stay inside.

  • Started watching “Money Heist” because heard lot a good things about the series, but damn it is long.
  • Reading “12 rules for life by Jordan B. Peterson”, because a very dear friend of mine, Jenish, gifted me this book so it changes my life, in better way of course(He feels, not me, I have impacted his life and wants to return the favor) and “Way of the wolf by Jordon Belfort”, because I want to improve my sales skills.
  • Online course “Viral Marketing and how to craft contagious content“, because had loved the book, “Contagious: Why things catch on?” This free online course is a summary of the book.
  • Started playing WWE 2k16, because had always wanted to but never had the time.

Yes, that is a flowe-ry bed sheet. Thanks mum.

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