“Amulbaidya”.com.np, but why?


First thing first, I know “amulbaidya.com.np” is bit too narcissist. But believe me, I am not comfortable with it either. I just could not connect with – “amulwrites.com” or “amulshares” or “justwriting.com” because honestly, I don’t know what I want to do with this blog. I just wanted to be me, and there is no better way of being oneself than the name itself. I hope it makes sense.

If someday I get to know what I want to do, then will have a good title and a caption.

So let us start from the beginning.

My name is Amul Baidya and I am here just to share and learn more from you all.

A hard-worker, team builder, educator, beer lover, podcaster, presentation enthusiasts and who loves listening/sharing perspectives.

Recently co-founded a marketing consultancy firm for SMEs, Haami Chau – Marketing Manager for SMEs. And I am an educator as well, facilitating marketing and strategic customer care to Bachelor level students.

I had started with this blog (than amulbaidya.wordpress.com) more than 2 years ago. And honestly, this has been a good decision. It helped me reflect more, gives me a sense of clarity, and is a kind of an anchor. It has helped me become more vulnerable and hence stronger.

I have always believed one does not have to make mistakes to learn, one can learn from others mistakes and others can do the same from you. Hence, the blog and the podcast (Ke Chha ta? ). Because we do not have that luxury and sharing brings people together.

And I hope we will learn together.

( P.S Don’t mind the interface. It is self-developed during the lockdown period. This would have been more difficult if I did not have my friends, Sujan & Rahul, helping me. Thank you, buddies 🙂 )