Dear Amul – A letter

Dear Amul,

First thing first, I really hope some miracle happens and you still have some good amount of hair on your head. You know how it feels.

I hope you continue to stay positive, especially when you get weak to stay positive, especially then.

I hope you don’t give up on people just because some gave up on you.

I hope you are not disheartened by the break ups you had.

I hope you still believe in love.

I hope you still laugh and make people laugh.

I hope you made more memories.

I hope you start to have fewer beers because you are starting to have a belly.

I hope you still work with all your heart day in and day out, even though the road ahead may not be clear.

I hope you still have your friends around and always make an effort to keep them.

I hope you are still trying.

I hope you keep on asking questions rather than looking for answers.

I hope you do not get sad when you don’t get the appreciation that sometimes you think you deserve.

I hope you have less sleepless and confusing nights.

I hope you better yourself rather than trying to better others.

I really hope you don’t become “Aba ta baal ho, pugyo malai, selfish hunay ho, keti ghumaunay ho, aru ko baal ho myaa, besi sojo bhayo! ” guy. Because believe you are not! It even sounds funny writing this.

I hope you are okay like I am here right now.




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