Heart to Heart conversation

(Context to the write-up: At our office, we decided that we all should at least give a presentation or practice public speaking in order once a week to regularly brush up our speaking and presentation skills. This is my first content on which I did my public speech.)

When was the last time you had a heart to heart conversation with someone?
 When was the last time you had a heart to heart conversation with yourself?

Yes, we all talk, sometimes excessively.

Most of the time, rubbish. (Pointing to myself – “Exhibit A”)


When was the last time when you really wanted to let it all out, even though you know it would not make any sense?

If you didn’t? what made you stop it?

Because you know, when you do. You feel lighter.

Maybe because you felt there was no one to listen to your fears, your happiness, your sadness, or even the small moments of joy.

Or maybe you had no idea how to put all those feelings in words.

While preparing and thinking for a topic for my speech, I thought about many topics, I mean many.

I am sure, you all must also.

Then I started writing, all those thoughts about what to talk about. I just started writing, whatever that came in my mind.

And slowly it started to make sense.

When you start writing, all those thoughts start to make sense.

And then I started to reflect.

All those blogs that I have written are things I really wanted to talk about.

I always wanted to have a conversation about how sometimes things just don’t make sense. When you give your all and still doesn’t work out. I do have such conversations with my closest friends. But it always doesn’t come out as you want to.

I always wanted to thank my dad. But just couldn’t. I was not sure of what would I tell him. But when I started writing it, it all made sense.

This speech would have not been possible if I had not written it.

These writings have really helped me understand me more.

These writings have been a good friend of mine if that makes any sense. It has been someone I can talk to.

But you would ask me what difference would it make. Will it make my world better?
Will it solve my problems?

Perhaps it will not.

But it might give you closure.

After writing about all those things, I feel lighter.

I have come to believe that sometimes you need to let out to the universe and maybe the universe will do some magic.

And maybe when somebody does ask you when was the last time you had a heart to heart conversation with yourself or felt lighter?

With a smile, you will have your answer.

— Thank you.


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