Happily ever after !

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Sometimes, when I think of her, it brings a smile in my face.

Sometimes, when I think of her, I blush.

I opened my Hi5 account just for her.

I don’t remember opening my Facebook account for anyone.

She has been my only unadulterated love.

Because I had fallen in love, even before understanding, ali bhayay pani, the meaning of love.

I fell in love with love because of her.

My love for her was something that is not supposed to exist today, because that was my “love at first sight” kind of love.

Because that was “We understand each other” even though we talked two times – when she asked me for a book and when I asked her for a  book.

Because that was my ”Pehla nasha, pehla khumaa” kind of love.

Because that was watching her from corner of my eyes when she was copying notes in the class.

Because that was staying after school, so I could see her more.

Because that was, printing her photos and keeping inside your diary kind of love.

Because that was going to cyber just to check her Hi5 account.

Because, it still brings a smile in my face while writing this.

Because, I know I will be the most happiest when she will be happily ever after with someone else.

Thank you.

(Inspired by: Sayad woh pyaar nahi – Yahya Bootwala )

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