Is higher education killing our gut feeling?

I was having one of those intense life, money and career talks with my cousin brother. Yes, because beers were involved.

He asked me what is that one big problem of highly educated ones?

To which, without much of a thinking, I answered that some times MBA, (MBA because have worked closely with) especially freshly graduated ones, try too hard to push theories and what they studied in a context which really does not require do so. Sometimes we fail to understand that we, (we, because, I finished my MBA as well) are working in Nepali context, where the reality is bit different from the books.

He agreed to my point and added his own view. Especially during decision-making, educated people take a lot of time to process. We need data, need to think about branding, marketing and all those jargon words and ideas before making a decision. But in real life there are no such required data available.

But those who have not pursued higher studies, just go with their gut feelings and make instant decisions.

To which I added, ‘ho, padnay bhanda napadnay lay dherai paisa kamairyaa hunchan!”. Because, they really don’t think about branding, marketing and all those. They just know the end goal and make quick decisions about it.

Haamilai 3 din laagcha euta decision banauna, they are already working on the next one if they fail on the previous.

Educated ones, sometimes give too much focus on the detailing and process that the end goal gets lost in the way.

My cousin is software engineer, a very good student in his times, educated person. He tells me all those programming and studies, has really suppressed his gut feeling, which sometimes scares him.

What do you think?





(Have really not researched about the topic, just going with the gut feeling 🙂 )   



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