Because I was missing the old world.

I was missing the old world I was in.

Old world of listening to stories, perspectives, presentations, interaction with the students and whole lot of things that I am mostly not doing now. Young mind, young ideas.

Yes, current work is great. Never have I ever learnt so much about myself. I feel I am growing every day. Never been in such a difficult learning environment. Leading the team and the project, and working with people who are experienced, non-experienced, investors, staff of 25 has been an all-together a different experience. (Looking after a hotel, Kailash Kuti Inn and restaurant, Kailasa.)

But I was missing the old world.

Hence, we (Ayush and I) started a podcast – Ke Chha Ta ? के छ त?

Or may be because I got lazy for writing to express. Sometimes you want to express, but just can’t get in writing.

Or may be wanting to fulfill a small part of me hosting a “Late night show”.

Man, because why not? Because it is always our choice right?

Ayush has his own reasons of course. But I am writing this blog, not him ha-ha !

I was missing this space and “Ke chha ta?” is, hopefully that space for me. Where we talk about our regular stuffs that we hope will relate to you. Regular stuff which actually we don’t talk much about. 

Please give us a listen and let us know any feedback.

ke cha ta key - fb cover.001And one more thing, if you missing that space or want to create that space. Just go for it ! What is there to lose?

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