Difficult times – Pre lockdown

It was during pre – lockdown phase, when the rate of our room bookings cancelation at the hotel were increasing day by day.

Our sales were getting low day by day, the movements of guests were decreasing day by day.I could see the disappointment of our staff, team on the their faces, which was very natural. I was disappointed as well with the whole scenario as our season time was about to start. We all were excited about the new season.

So, I called all the staff for an immediate stand up meeting, gathered them around in a circle. Discussed with them what is happening and explained them these all are the consequences of the virus.

I assured them that it was not because of us or our service or marketing, whole country and the world was facing the same. Lots of hotels were being closed down, staff were being sent off and this has affected not only the hotel industry but it had ripple effect on other industries as well.I assured them we are planning what can we do forward and requested them not be disheartened and asked them to maintain the sincerity they always have. And to take care of their health and follow all the safety measures.

We eventually temporarily closed down even before the official lock down in consideration of the safety of all the staff and the people around the Pashupati community, and of course the business aspect as well.

So let us hope this ends soon and we are back to our traveling.

Amul Baidya


Kailash Kuti Inn Hotel & (Kailasa) Restaurant

Pashupati, Kathmandu


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