Doesn’t make sense.

It was around 11 pm, a few stars, half-moon, and a light breeze. We were on the terrace of a friend’s place with a beer on everyone’s hand.

We all were on that “stage of alcohol” where what we spoke, didn’t make any sense. A friend called himself ‘Paraatma’, a god basically. Some were teasing others about their embarrassing moments. Just random stuff.

The whole thing didn’t make any sense; the conversations didn’t, the ideas didn’t. And amidst all those noises and laughs, there was this moment, this pause.  A moment of genuine happiness maybe because I was, in the truest sense, living in the present.

We were friends from the time when life did not have to make any sense. We basically grew up together, from rolling tires, playing wrestling stickers, marbles, Mario and even asking a dollar and chocolates from tourists. Yes, we asked for a dollar, and in return got a beating from our parents.

When we all were small, life made sense, because we never asked if it has to.

I don’t know what will happen and how it will feel when you reach your 30s or 40s and more. But, right now, when you are 25, some times life just doesn’t make any sense. The hard work, career, love, relationship, and all those stuff, just doesn’t make any sense. You do your thing with full sincerity, you put your heart out there and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. And you ask yourself, “How can it not work?”. No answer.

I don’t know what if any of this makes sense to you.  But, perhaps life always doesn’t.

I would love to know about your perspectives, your pause moments.




  1. bipana14

    When we are child, we don’t have to worry about anything.Life is lived when we were young & free. As we grow older, we forget to live that moment ONCE MORE 😀

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  2. Aasha Bhandari

    Not everything you do have yo have or make sense. Every one has their own dii-dictronary, that’s my sense 😂. Try some nonsense (jokes? Nah not those stupid ones) . I have done all the nonsense, well i still do 😆 oh yes and thats oki.

    Just be you, just the way you are, thought out the thick & thin of your life, that’s the only thing make sense

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