Business को B के, हामी लाई त Paisa को P पनि थाहा छैन

The most challenging thing for us after almost 2 years into starting our company, Haami Chau – Marketing Manager for SMEs, is our mentality or to be the exact our non-business mentality.

We, I and my partner, Sujan, constantly have this struggle to get over this very mentality. Both of us are not from a business background, as he says ” Business को B के, हामी लाई त Paisa को P पनि थाहा छैन ।“

No one from our family has ever done business, nor there has been discussion about money matters as we grew up. We never knew or heard people discussing money, or financial management or business deals and relationships, business instinct, etc. We were always saved and put in this safe space.

So, we tend to get confused if we are too honest with our clients or team members or even ourselves (or with this blog haha). We get confused if the deal is right or wrong, or bad or good.  The struggle from being good employees to good employers is such a task.

We laugh about ” हामी के हो भन्या?”

No doubt it is a fun journey, mixed with nights filled with insecurities and questions.

We sometimes question ourselves “Can we grow big?” rather than “how can we grow big?”, because we were never trained or talked about taking the risks.

( I am sure and know for the fact, having business background does not make things easier, we all have our struggles. )

Thoughts like ” Did we start a bit late? this initial feeling and questions should have been done 3, 4 years ago! ( This is a completely different topic to write about)

But as any good Co-founder would say, Sujan said not to ask whether we started late or early, the big/funny thing is with the background we are from, we should have not started in the first place. So let us be proud of that.

And random conversations like these with your co-founder after having Pav-Bhaaji and Masala Dosa at Pawan sweets (thank you for the treat Ishan) motivates you to do better because there is no looking back!

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